Tablet Games

Games for tablets?

Tablets are not just for internet browsing, email retrieval or office applications; Both the iPad and Android-based tablets are quite suitable as a portable game console. Although tablets weigh a little more heavily compared to competing products such as the Sony PSP, tablets in many dimensions are also ideal for the portable sector.

In terms of processor performance, other game consoles lag significantly behind the tablets. The power is thus sufficiently available. The display resolution for Android tablets is usually at least 1920x1080 pixels (Full HD) and for an iPad at 2048x1536 pixels. This ensures very good attention to detail and thus for more fun games.

The joy of playing also depends on the input method. Instead of using a directional pad, as with game consoles, you steer game elements on tablets via the touch screen. This offers a promising application on a tablet, especially for jump-and-run games, racing games, strategy, brain teasers and games of skill.

In our Tablet Games category, we've put together the most popular free games for the iPad and Android-based tablets for you. All games are also in the browser on your PC or Mac in the browser with the mouse and keyboard playable and controllable, since it is exclusively HTML5 games.

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